About Us

CRS-WebsiteA fast growing IT company ever ready to accept challenging assignments striving to complete the same with accelerated pace with admirable perfection aimed at selling satisfaction more than the product or services.

We encircle the solutions services continually and radically. We incorporate a century of services with a celebration of automation and integration across all verticals around the globe. Born and raised in 2011, and marked in 2013 as a private Limited, amidst of the culture that aims at end-to-end implementation, optimization and a well groomed by associated engineers with proven ability who are carrying the pillars of this organization over their shoulders.

We Understand your expectations.

  • We are an Engineer – “Imagination can do anything”
  • We are a Teacher – “Every Idea is worth a deployment”
  • We are a Visionary – “The magic of Thinking is innovation”
  • We are Student – “Living is learning”
  • We are Leaders – “Live up to an Inspiration”
  • We are Speaking the global language | Contemplative Radical Solutions!

What We Do

We create resources what your business needs for your sales and growth. We give you a complete solution, Attractive & Easy to use for changing market index. Our creativity and Imagination will provide “Customize Services” with high end technologies that assure quality to compete in complex market conditions. Your visibility makes us visible.

We follow a mixed discipline that ensures the communication channel between you and the customer plays a vital role in the market and your marketability. We will provide you with a systematic approach that will be a communication channel which will link you to the market. Thus enabling your customers talk to you, inspired by you, motivated by you, generating curiosity about what you have in store for them.

Our Key to Success - We Inspire Innovation! We Ensure Quality!

  1. We focus on brilliance differently.
  2. We are based on powerful concepts that are scalable and cutting edge.
  3. Be a global leader in system integrations and technologies.
  4. Automate the workflow for efficiency and productivity.
  5. Enduring a collaborative relationship with the clients for an extensively high performance, enabling innovations that are milestones.

The History

The Journey of Contemplative Radical Solutions Consultants Pvt. Ltd. started way back in 2010, in suburbs of Bangalore, where a foresighted entrepreneur / IT engineer wanted to impart the latest technology and solutions, thus started as Freelancer. Since then, it has become one independent IT solution company of professionals, and officially registered itself as a “Private Ltd Company” in the Northern India.

Contemplative Radical Solutions is an IT company based in the National Capitol Region of New Delhi with the view to impart quality services into Information Technology. Contemplative Radical Solutions Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Strives a continuous improvements in the IT solutions and services and makes a positive difference in our clients’ services be empowering with technologies from the best in class solutions which help us to evolve as global trendsetters. Our experts are keen to deliver the quality services in various domains and corporate in various locations to enhance employment opportunity for them.