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At CRS, We aim at building dashboards which can visualise the growth and involves various strategic solutions to grow your business in the complicated market and various social networks. We have a clean electronic infrastructure, and an open minded thought process at the workplace so that the employee to perform flawlessly under any deadline situations.


Contemplative Radical Solutions is recognised as technology consultant to design and resolve the business challenges with cutting-edge IT solutions. CRS is a Private Limited Company based in New Delhi, India. The company is committed to identify the day-to-day problem statements and resolve them with IT solutions and Mobility.

Contemplative Radical Solutions - The Corporate.

Since 2013, Contemplative Radical Solution has been incorporated as a private limited to provide C2B market with agile developments and its improvements with technical solution consulting. The idea of incorporation was initiated by various case studies that highlighted the gaps between the real world problems and outdated underlying technologies involved in the vertical of Internet and Electronics. The company started developing its own portal solutions on the base of existing tested and rock-solid frameworks to provide dashboards that deals with the legacy data visualisation from various sources in a secured manner. Yes – we are talking about APIs, Frameworks, Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence. The company is privately funded by its own solutions and consultings.

We are always looking forward to provide a reliable business consulting and solution to our clients with a clear vision and precise focus. Contemplative Radical Solution defines a new vocabulary of a “serious deep thinking over the solutions which are fundamental in nature and is adaptably progressive”.

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