Artificial Intelligence

Smartphones are not just smarter, They are intelligent now.

Python Developments
OCR / NLTK Solutions
Machine Learning
Integration with IOT Devices
Django Web Applications

Python isn’t anything new to us for 30 years, but the wonder it does, are way too futuristic. The leading industries are investing over AI, so we hand an obvious option left but to explore it. One of the use case we delivered to our client were to extract invoice information from different styles of invoices and use them for automation and accounting purposes. Contemplative Radical Solution too has a vision with Artificial Intelligence, just like the rest of the world. And we will be updating some AI solutions soon into our establishment. We hope to attain the destiny, just like we succeeded in other fields and dream to improvise the system as much as automation has a real face.

Scope of Work

We are working our way forward on various IOT & AI products which will run hand in hand with various dashboards to scrutinize the relevancy of the information for security, utility and tracking purposes. Our various ideas over IOT platform are under idea or development phase. However, the skill is ready for the services that may be one of the business requirements.

10% efforts given to machine Learning

(PS: These figures are expected to change as we have considered an average of implementation and  support tickets / SLAs across all area and technologies delivered to the client since 2013, as in 2019)