Most of the custom portal we have delivered so far consisted of the below solutions

Open Source Technologies
Dashboard & Analytics

Contemplative Radical Solutions has an overall 7 years of experience in IT services, delivering  professionally developed portals products, which are scalable. These portal projects involves 50% of development done over 90% of open source technologies with a very low cost maintenance. We have designed the over all product using edge technologies such as bootstrap. Almost all the project includes at least 70% of integration with either a 3rd party system managing various other processes or the legacy systems which are already implemented. Obviously, these hearts of all portal lies in analyzing the meaning full information and data consolidations. There for 80% of the focus was given to the analytics and dashboards of the customer data.

Scope of Work

We are looking to forward to extends hands towards blue prints and object oriented system design which ensures a good lifetime of the software. We also keep focus upon the data securities and safeguard information against various kind of cyber attacks. We keep ourselves updated via brainstorming and various software researches.

40% of efforts delivered to portals projects.

  • Outsourcing / IT Services / BPO
  • Manufacturing
  • Others

(PS: These figures are expected to change as we have considered an average of implementation and  support tickets / SLAs across all area and technologies delivered to the client since 2013, as in 2019)