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Enterprise IT Services for the Real Estate Value Chain is challenging task that involves the construction business. The technical specification parameters are to be linked with the vendor and the customer.

The solutions is a sort of Enterprise resource planning. The service addition is as per your business need whether it is about managing your resources, or your materials.

The Data management today are more specific to cloud or SaaS (software as a Service), whether you buy it from your vendor or just run it on your own server as per your convenience. Our motive is to meet your requirements professionally by identifying your work process and give it a digital way of processing the data.

We help companies effectively manage the complete real estate life cycle:

  • Planning and business development – Real Estate Portfolio Management, Marketing & Sales, Opportunity Management, Design & Engineering.
  • Resource management – Materials Management, Workforce Management & Optimization, Equipment & Tools Management, Fabrication & Assembly.
  • Enterprise management & support – Financial, Operational & Workforce Analytics, Financial Supply Chain Management, Financial & Management Accounting, Corporate Governance.
  • Facility management – Contract & Service Level Management, Service Delivery & Operations, Infrastructure Management.
  • Project management – Project Portfolio Monitoring, Planning & Schedule, Project Execution, Contract Management, Project Financials.
  • Subcontractor & supplier management – Supplier Planning & Contracting, Subcontract Management, Expediting & Tracking.
  • Real estate operations – Asset Portfolio, Lease Management, Common Area Management.

We have done it in the past!

One of our clients wanted to keep a track of their land records, they wanted to place their pointer over the map and wanted to know, how much land is acquired or belong to whom and all of their information under their territory. We solved their problem with a Mauja maps on ArcGIS way to handle it on Web based service.

So if you require services like this, Hit for a query!

Financially speaking, Travel Management work process has everything to do with cost, which something that is driving the market.

  • The Expense Management
  • Booking reports
  • Accounting
  • Reimbursements

Its logical that the flow of information is complex and so is the workflow for any organization. The Data management is typically costly but affordable for organizations which can afford an expensive ERP at this stage, but for the ones who just require a module that can handle these calculations, we can deliver such solutions.

We are here to accept the challenges of making customized web based solutions which are scalable.

  • We develop content management systems and portals for Central booking management.
  • We create online booking platforms that integrate seamlessly with operators, OTAs websites, agent and agency tiered access
  • Seamless integration with popular softwares like Global Distribution Systems (GDS) API.

The travel segment, including but not limited to airlines, airports, travel intermediaries, cruise liners and car rentals.

We understand that the E-Commerce nowadays are the upturns and websites are providing the Web-kits to kick-start your own portal up and running in no time. But then there is an other side to it. The Quality of Service. There are so many aspects to it.

E-Commerce Quality of Service.

  • We give a special attention to your requirements and traffics.
  • Your dashboard needs to be engineered.
  • Payment gateways
  • Logistic management
  • Catalogs
  • Customer & Vendor accounts.

Our services are not only covering the detailed website areas but also consult for your marketing and purchasing to meet the competition. We have a open-source as well as license based solutions.

E-Commerce Developments:

  • Web Development & Customization
  • E-commerce Cart Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Plug-in & Module Development
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • Responsive eCommerce Websites
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Custom E-commerce Website Design
  • Online Shopping Website Design & Development

We are specialized in ERP systems. Including but not limited to Development, Consulting of a Complete ERP or a particular module, We can handle all of that. We have also deployed a complete web based accounting/ERP system.

ERP/CRM Service Classification:

  • Materials Management module: Material Master, Item Code, Vendor Master, Batch, etc.
  • Plant Maintenance module: Equipment Master, Functional Location, etc.
  • Project System module: Network
  • Quality Management module: Inspection Characteristics, Inspection Method, etc.
  • Document Management System (DMS) module: Cross-application

The features of our modules are listed below.

  • Sales Orders
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Purchase Orders
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Contract Costing
  • Shipment Costing
  • MRP
  • Multi-Currency – auto updated exchange rates
  • Standard Costing
  • Weighted Average Costing
  • Multi-Inventory Location
  • Multiple Invoice Taxes
  • Serial Numbered Inventory and Lot Tracking
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Manufacturing
  • Billing
  • Expense Claims
  • Sales Analysis
  • PDF reports

Locations based services are only the specialized form of speaking that we are into mobile developments.

Mobile Application Development is the most demanding service and we are just doing that for all domain and clients.

1. Development environments of popular mobile apps platforms.
2. Design, implement and deploy mobile apps.
3. Select and use appropriate tools in the development and marketing of mobile apps.
4. Work collaboratively in a small apps development team.
5. Cloud in mobile computing.
6. Work over unique aspects of mobile user interfaces and context awareness, and their use in achieving quality user experiences.

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