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Business Challenges

The state of local business data on the Web is messy. The critical issue is getting your business found without an expensive advertisement platform has been addressed by e-commerce business from selling products to booking movie tickets. However, when it comes to Indian businesses, there have been several more categories that are awaiting process improvements while still getting benefitted by the greater visibility of the audience. The “Reusable Spaces” is one of those categories. The “Reusable spaces” in the context refers to the creative spaces such as – art gallery, dance studios, fashion studios, photography studios. And professional working spaces such as hot desks, community hall, co-working spaces etc. The “Reusable Spaces” infrastructure is a cost-effective way to maintain the balance between professionalism and suitability. An opportunity to attract a wider audience and have a booking tool to manage these spaces are creating a scope for a business culture for both Entrepreneurs, hobbyists, professionals and Business Owners.

Our Solution

Technologies: Web Portal, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence

StudioDir is a well-designed secured portal that addresses the problem with an online directory listing product. The application enables the tool for listing the spaces at a competitive fee and manage the booking of the spaces at the same time. The online business is also equipped with an AI chatbot that will figure the customer issues with automation. This not only reduces the cost but also several efforts in one go. StudioDir enlists below 17 space types across all Indian businesses.

Studio Dir is an initiative for entrepreneurs and freelance professionals

Studio Directory or is a creative space index management website. Studio Directory is an exclusive cost effective resource for the young entrepreneurs and professional individuals to lookup, access and identify the space that fits their need for the creation.

Scope of work

StudioDir program exclusively aims at idea incubators and professional artist by exhibiting destinations which hold the potential for them to explore and network.

  • Art gallery : Space to exhibit your art and crafts.
  • Co-Working Spaces : Office space for the team to work under one roof.
  • Community Hall : Space to conduct social gatherings for numerous people.
  • Dance Studio : Set your soul free on the dance floor.
  • Fashion Studio : Introduce the world, to the latest fashion trends.
  • Film Editing Suite : Put together your story.
  • Hackerspace : Space to collaborate with other technology enthusiasts
  • Hot Desk : Need to connect to work in the middle of the vacation or just bored with your regular workspace, you would surely fall in love once more working out of our hot-desks.
  • Maker Space : Make the use of a space that can MAKE news for you.
  • Multi Use Spaces : Get creative with the room like it is your empty canvas.
  • Performance & Rehearsal : A grand show requires focusing on rehearsals.
  • Photography Studio : Professional photography studio to click the shades of your choice
  • Retail Space : Give a grand launch to your products in our retail spaces.
  • Sound Recording Studio : From Mixing and Mastering a Music Project to Sound Design, ADR, and Re-record of a Feature Film.
  • Theater : Every movie deserves a big screen. You could use ours.
  • Visual Art Spaces : Use the space in art, And use the art in the space.
  • Workspace : Well, we can’t change your work, but we can help you work better with our ambient workspaces.

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Studio Dir is managed by Contemplative Radical Solutions.

Studio Dir is an open source free resource managed and backed up by Contemplative Radical Solutions Consultants Private Limited. Contemplative Radical Solution is an IT Consulting and Technical blogging company registered under MCA regulations with CIN U74140DL2013PTC262794, founded in 2013. The company is solely based in New Delhi, India. Company profile may also be found listed under Startupindia. StudioDir was officially launched by the company on 1st March 2019.