Rethink technology


We are makerspace community based in India.

Our Philosophy

We envision a world where our machines can operate with safety and efficiency. Contemplative Radical Solutions will create a world where robotic technology and artificial intelligence are no longer looked at as the end but rather a means to human flourishing.

Quality over Quantity

We are driven to combine advanced robotic design, automation, artificial intelligence in order to meet the demands of our future

Design Focused

We aim to produce prototypes which can help solve problems in the Manufacturing

Why we’re different

We believe that the experience of designing a product can be best learned through hands-on activity. As students and entrepreneurs, we teach students to make products that are more than just gadgets; they are tools for improving the world around them.

Attention to Detail

We focus on Robotics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and is driven to produce prototypes which can help solve the problems of our society.


We have 10+ years of service experience in automation and Information Technology in manufacturing & service sectors.

YU The Hexacopter

Prototyping and Programming Drones.

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