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Continuous & Definitive Thinking for building a smart & resilient infrastructure with embedded systems !

Industries are incorporating artificial intelligence—in particular, machine learning—into their IoT applications. Enhancing IoT with AI can also directly create new products and services. Our software engineering solutions will push your data collection capabilities, bring the sky to your limits.

Research-based focus on AI and Data Science

Implementing AI & ML Algorithms

Software Coding for IoT devices

3D printing part design as per the customer requirements

YU pushes your data collection capabilities, brings the sky to your limits.

Customer-centric IoT Quad and Hex UAVs for package delivery, data collection, and security monitoring.

Functional Specification

All drone functionalities are dedicated to customer requirements. This brings down your budget to a cost-effective bracket, while it can always be upgraded.

Sensor & Software Layer

All drones can perform over sensors. Collect all the information on your desktop or mobile using software development.

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Find out a creative space in your locality with Wurkpleys.

For all your creative projects that need a nice background for presentation. Maintained by professionals just for you.


Book your spaces according to the availability.

Space that suits your pocket and projects – both

Find out the nearest space and book them online.

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No stone left unturned

CRS is packed with top-notch features.

GitHub for learning

We keep our learning hub open source for newbies and hobbyists for learning.

Knowledge Sharing

QueryDuck© is our knowledge sharing magazine for AI Community.

Data & Privacy

An efficient AI and ML ecosystem are all about data and ensuring its privacy.


CRS is a pool of resources for engineers and startup entrepreneurs.


We design custom monitoring devices for our customers. This brings in product designers to work in parallel with software programs.


We offer warranty, support & maintenance for various products.


We parallel focus on software researches, publishing White papers & articles.